Get to know Mosslight Fine Art Photography

Mosslight Fine Art Photography exists for a very simple purpose: I want to bring beautiful photographs to as many people as possible. I can only hope that these images inspire a desire to help protect and nurture the land and wild creatures around us. Inline with this wish, much of the fine art nature photography available for purchase also comes with an automatic donation to various groups working to conserve, protect, and research these outstanding places and animals.

Creating a Connection with My Photography

My love of the outdoors has truly inspired my work and I hope that my work inspires you as well! The earth, and the world that we live in, is a magical place and something everyone should have a true connection to. By making photographs that help bring the beautiful, ephemeral nature of the world into the homes and offices of others, I hope that I can help foster the connection between people and our planet. We are all a part of this world as much as any forest creature, desert landscape, or ocean tide, and that is a fact that I think is too easily forgotten in today’s environment.

In the same way that I hope to connect people with nature, I hope to connect people to art. Too often there is an assumption that art is this “thing” to be admired from a distance and only if you have to culture and sophistication to truly understand it. In fact, art is for anyone that likes to be happy! There are no rules when it comes to art. If it makes you happy, or you like it, then it is art. Art connects people in a way that nothing else can, and art deserves to be appreciated and shared by everyone. Photography, or any art form for that matter, should be enjoyed by any and everyone!

Explore the Fine Art Nature Photography

Please explore my fine art nature photography by browsing through the galleries. You will find landscape photography, wildlife photographs, as well as travel and black and white photography.

If you are interested in licensing any of the photography seen on this site do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to discuss usage rights and licensing agreements for nearly any situation.